We have a duty to demand an open, transparent and inclusive process for selecting MSU’s next president. We have a duty to increase graduation rates, especially the rates of those from underrepresented communities. It is time to return MSU to the people.

“It is time to renew our culture at MSU. Being a Spartan is more than winning on the field. It is about leading with courage, tackling problems head on; being accountable to ourselves and to our community. Together, through prioritizing survivor rights, campus safety, college affordability and accountable leadership, we can Restore Integrity and Pursue Excellence at MSU.” – Matt Clayson

We need to immediately:

  1. Define timeline for selecting a permanent President
  2. Amend Bylaws of the MSU Board of Trustees to mandate student, faculty, staff and alumni participation in Presidential selection process
  3. Actively communicate with the MSU community about the search process, how they can participate and when they can expect permanent leadership

As MSU Trustee, Matt Clayson will work to:

  1. Achieve 10% increase in university-wide undergraduate graduation rates from 2018 rates (78% to 85%)
  2. Achieve 20% increase in undergraduate graduation rates from core underrepresented communities from 2018 rates
  3. Achieve 25% increase in undergraduate enrollment of students from underrepresented communities
  4. Develop program to ensure top 10% of students who graduate from any public high school in Michigan are automatically admitted to MSU
  5. Develop MSU Access Programming, modeled after University of Michigan’s Wolverine Pathways, to deliver enrichment and college prep coursework to students in underrepresented communities
  6. Partner with corporations, foundations and other Tier 1 research universities to expand scope of MSU Access programming; securing an annual budget of $30,000,000/year
  7. Work with student body to successfully raise funds to support construction of free standing Multi-Cultural Center
  8. Launch new capital campaign to increase endowment to $5 billion, replenishing funds invested in survivor support, MSU Access programming and related tuition affordability activities, ensuring no tax payer dollars will be spent to right the wrongs of previous administrations

As a civic leader, Matt Clayson raised $5,000,000 to advance economic opportunity and entrepreneurship in underrepresented communities, contributing to the addition of 2,700 jobs in the city of Detroit. Passionate about governmental accountability, Matt serves on the boards of the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, the Children’s Leadership Council of Michigan, the German Marshall Fund Alumni Leadership Council and Culture Lab Detroit, ensuring that government, business and philanthropy makes wise investments in economic development for our most vulnerable communities, early childhood education, citizen diplomacy and arts and culture.