We have a duty to make college affordable for all Michiganders; MSU can be a national leader in innovative programs to bring down the cost of obtaining a higher degree without sacrificing the quality that MSU students deserve and expect.

“It is time to renew our culture at MSU. Being a Spartan is more than winning on the field. It is about leading with courage, tackling problems head on; being accountable to ourselves and to our community. Together, through prioritizing survivor rights, campus safety, college affordability and accountable leadership, we can Restore Integrity and Pursue Excellence at MSU.” – Matt Clayson

We need to immediately:

  1. Re-institute Tuition Guarantee to ensure tuition does not increase above rate of inflation
  2. Institute a 3-year budgeting process to help students plan and help departments, students, faculty and staff advance core strategic priorities

As MSU Trustee, Matt Clayson will work to:

  1. Redirect $5,000,000/year in revenue generated from MSU athletics to general fund
  2. Achieve $20,000,000/year in savings via a full review of administrative expenses and positions to eliminate redundant and unnecessary expenditures; coordinate such in conjunction with faculty, students and staff representatives
  3. Achieve $100,000,000/year in savings via a moratorium on all non-essential capital projects; identify opportunities to increase efficiencies of physical plant operations and campus-wide energy costs
  4. Launch MSU Promise, modeled after University of Michigan’s HAIL Scholarship, guaranteeing free tuition for Michigan middle class families making $65,000 or below/year in annual income
  5. Year-over-year increases in faculty and staff salaries to place MSU in top 5 universities in Big 10 in terms of compensation by 2022
  6. Launch campaign to grow endowment to $5 billion dollars

As a student, Matt Clayson was elected to 2 consecutive terms as a representative to the MSU Board of Trustees. There, he worked with students, administration and board members to redirect millions from the Tuition Tax Credit program to Michigan’s public universities, resulting in a 50% decrease in potential tuition increases, preserve $100,000,000 in annual scholarship funding for Michigan’s students and launch a public information campaign to increase Michigan’s annual investment in its public colleges and universities.