As Spartans, as Michiganders, we have a lot to be proud of; but right now, it is hard.

And rightfully so.

Our leadership has failed to respond, our administration has failed protect, our community has failed to listen.

New Leadership

New leadership and vision is needed. With a record of delivering results for Michigan State University, the city of Detroit and the State of Michigan, I provide that vision. I have actively worked to keep tuition affordable, to champion the vulnerable, to fight for Michigan’s children and students, to bring jobs to economically distressed areas and to grow Michigan’s most successful start-ups. All with integrity, straight talk and accountability.

As MSU Trustee, I seek to lead a movement that returns Michigan’s largest university back to Michigan’s citizens, voters, taxpayers and tuition payers. Why?

Because we have a duty:

A duty to redress the wrongs committed against survivors of sexual assault and compensate them for their pain and courage;

A duty to ensure all students, faculty, staff and visitors are safe on MSU campus and property;

A duty to make college affordable for all Michiganders;

A duty to ensure a MSU education is accessible to all Michiganders;

A duty to ensure any willing Michigander is prepared for a MSU education;

A duty to ensure MSU and its leadership is accountable to all communities in Michigan.

It’s time for us, the people of Michigan, to take back our university.

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