Confused about who all of the Democratic candidates are for MSU Trustee? It’s hard to find them listed all in one place… so we thought we’d do it for you.

Here’s a complete list of all the candidates running in this year’s primary season for Michigan State University, starting out with our very own candidate, Matt Clayson:

Matt Clayson for MSU Trustee as Democrat

Matt Clayson is a civic and business leader dedicated to advancing a more prosperous future for Michigan and its citizens; he is a reformer and accomplished civic leader who is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for MSU Trustee.

Matt has worked to bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of investment to Michigan and Detroit, expanded Michigan’s investment in early childhood education and furthered initiatives to keep higher education affordable and accessible to all.

Matt is running for MSU Trustee to lead a movement that returns Michigan’s largest university back to its citizens, restoring its integrity and commitment to offering a world-class, affordable education for all. Matt is an accomplished corporate leader who leads by prioritizing people and community.

Learn more about Matt here.

Teri Lyn Bernero for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From her website:

Teri Lyn Bernero is a lifelong educational professional and practitioner with 29 years of hands-on experience in an urban-core city school district. An alumna of Michigan State University’s educational administration master’s program, Teri Lyn has distinguished herself both in the classroom and in the community as a quiet but effective leader who brings people together to get positive results for students.

Teri Lyn has been a committed public educator in the Lansing School District for 29 years — first as an elementary school teacher and then as a principal for 14 years. She was chosen to lead Lansing’s first “community school” — in collaboration with MSU — at Wexford Community Elementary School. She then served as principal of Lewton Elementary School for nine years.

Learn more about Teri Lyn here.

Carol Bontekoe for MSU Trustee as Democrat

At the time of publication we couldn’t find any information.

William Deary for MSU Trustee as Democrat

At time of posting, no information (website down). In case it comes up, please  learn more here.

Dennis Denno for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From his website:

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been traveling the state; I have visited over 40 counties and had over 200 meetings with students, alumni, Democrats, MSU employees, and union members to talk about my campaign and listen to their ideas for changes at MSU.

As a Trustee, I will fight for our Democratic values. In fact, I’ve spent the last 27 years working and volunteering for Michigan Democrats and our allies. In 1991, I began volunteering as an intern with the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) and have been a paid party member ever since. Whether it was:

Read more from his website here.

Ed Duggan for MSU Trustee as Democrat

We couldn’t find any specific information about his run, but found an article about him from the Detroit Free Press:
, Detroit Free PressPublished 6:41 p.m. ET Jan. 6, 2016 | Updated 7:57 p.m. ET Jan. 6, 2016

Ed Duggan, the son of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, has a new job alongside the mayor’s jobs and economy team helping the city’s young people find employment.

The Downtown Detroit Partnership hired Ed Duggan a few months ago to help boost a youth employment program called Grow Detroit’s Young Talent.

Ed Duggan, 27, is responsible for finding local companies that are interested in providing summer internships for Detroit’s youths, said Eric Larson, CEO of the nonprofit Downtown Detroit Partnership.

Larson said Ed Duggan is an ideal fit for the job because he is familiar with the corporate world. Hiring the mayor’s son was not a conflict, Larson said, because Ed Duggan’s position is independent of the mayor’s office and because the Skillman Foundation is providing the funding for his salary, which Larson described as “under 100 by a quarter.”

Justin Johnson for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From his website:

On my first day as Trustee, I will submit a proposal to the bylaws of the school and create the Trustee Justice Committee. As we’ve seen, the Board of Trustees is too detached from the every realities of the school’s efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault. Prior to the consent decree with the Department of Education in 2015, it is unclear what the trustees knew individually and collectively. The Trustee Justice Committee should give the board a month-by-month overview of the entire scope of the campus response to sexual assault.

While chaired by a member of the board, the most important seats shall be filled by representatives of the various units around the campus that work as the tip of the spear in our attempt to reduce the number of assaults, and improve the handling thereof. The committee shall reserve seats for representatives of the student and faculty bodies. The most essential seat shall be reserved for the representative of an external Survivors’ Advocacy Group. This will ensure transparency and accountability.

More from his website.

David Mott for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From his website:
For me, integrity means doing the right thing in a consistent, reliable way. It is something that I aspire to every day. It does not necessarily mean perfection, but it does mean taking an honest look at oneself when falling short of your goals and standards, and making the difficult decisions necessary in order to improve.

I am running for Trustee at Michigan State University…The word trustee, inherently states that someone has been entrusted with a responsibility. As your trustee, I will work hard to earn and keep your trust.

Learn more from his website.

Betsy Riley for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From her website:

For the last four years, I have walked the line between student and researcher, devoting my research towards building better engagement practices for better decision making.

I am a PhD Candidate at MSU’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. I received two Masters degrees from the University of Michigan and my Bachelor degree from Wellesley College. I have experience at all levels of the university process, from my early days as an undergraduate, through my graduate degree work, and as a teaching and research assistant.

More about her here

Brianna Scott for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From her website:

Brianna T. Scott was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Brianna attended Michigan State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing. Among the honors she received were the COGIC Center Aspiring Law Student Scholarship, winner of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc essay contest and making the Dean’s list in 1996. Ms. Scott was the president of the Epsilon Epsilon chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Executive Board member of Wonders Black Caucus and a member in both the MSU Prelaw and Marketing associations as an undergraduate student.

Ms. Scott attended Wayne State University Law School where she received her Juris Doctorate in May, 2000. She was active in variety of law school activities. She successfully competed in various law school competitions including, but not limited to Moot Court evidence competitions, acting as Article Editor of The Journal of Law in Society, Executive Board member of Moot Court (Director of Outside Competitions), working on the academic committee of the Black Law Student Association, and being an active student member of the Wolverine Bar Association. In addition, Ms. Scott received many scholarships throughout her law school career.

Corrine Shoop for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From her website:

It is said that there will be an event that will inspire you to participate in the political process; for me it is the crisis that is taking place at my school, Michigan State University.

I love my school; I graduated in 1981 and then went to University of Detroit School of Law. I graduated law school and passed the Michigan Bar exam in 1985.

In addition to my passion for MSU, I am equally passionate about gender issues and equality. I have been a plaintiff in a law suit against a Michigan municipality for an unlawful arrest and strip search; I have testified in front of the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission against a Wayne County Circuit Court judge due to inappropriate conduct and as a young lawyer I challenged my employers for equal pay and against sexual harassment.

Learn more about Corrine

Andy Spencer for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From his website:

Never has it been more clear that we need a new generation of leadership at Michigan State University starting in 2018. When there is little trust in the Trustees, that’s normally a good sign it is time to go in a different direction.

Andy Spencer will bring new ideas and new thinking to the Board. After training as a scientist at MSU, he lived outside Michigan for nearly 20 years working as a research scientist at innovative companies in Silicon Valley. As MSU prepares to search for a new president — and the current Board does not have the support of the key stakeholders to lead that search — novel approaches to Board oversight at MSU should be considered and new Trustees should be part of the equation.

More from Andy’s website here

Kelly Tebay for MSU Trustee as Democrat

From her facebook page:

I am a Spartan to the core. I earned both my degrees from MSU: A BA in International Relations from James Madison College and a MS in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis. I bleed green.

When the news broke about the heinous crimes of Larry Nasser, it triggered so many different feelings regarding my alma matter. My heart breaks for the survivors.

There is a cultural problem at MSU. It was an issue when I was a student and clearly there has been no change for the better. This lack of leadership and lack of support for students must come to an end. It is obvious that students have not come first for some time and enough is enough.

Visit her fb page here

Dave Dutch for MSU Trustee as Republican

From his website:

Upon graduation Dave Dutch immediately put his Spartan degree to work creating jobs and growing our economy. He first worked as a Management Consultant at AT Kearny, and then worked as an executive at a series of technology, telecom, and media companies both public and private across the country.

Dave has been an active member of the Young President’s Organization (YPO) and World President’s Organization since 1998 sharing ideas and growing American companies throughout the globe. Dave has participated in over 20 corporate development deals (mergers, acquisitions, sales and integrations) involving corporate entities and private equity. These deals have ranged in size from $1 million to $1.4 billion.

More about him at his website here

David Gregory for MSU Trustee as Republican

From his website:

Michigan State University has been an integral part of the Gregory Family with three (3) generations of passionate Alumni.

David J Gregory is a native Michigander and been a resident for his entire life outside ten (10) years of combined U.S. Naval Service and business sector experience. Faith and family are top priorities for David and his wife Julie.

David’s thirty (30) years’ progressive leadership experience in human resources and organizational development has provided a diverse business background which will serve well for the Board of Trustees.

More about David here

Mike Miller for MSU Trustee as Republican

From his website

A successful entrepreneur with several ventures to his credit, Mike has created thousands of jobs in both the retail and high tech sector. He has owned everything from an auto dealership to a professional auto racing team. The most recent company he created, now known as Orchid Orthopedic Solutions (located in Holt), produces nearly $500 million annual revenue by creating high tech medical devices, and employs 2000 people — 900 just in Michigan.

Mike is one of those people who signs both sides of the paycheck. He has created the sort of jobs every Spartan family hopes their student will obtain. And he knows personally that the very best MSU has to offer will launch a career that makes dreams come true

Learn more here

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