Series: “Real People Know Matt.”

As supporters of Matt and his campaign for MSU Trustee, we thought it would be great if you could get to know him through unique perspectives. In this series we’re calling “Real People Know Matt,” we’re planning to show you how he has impacted our personal and professional lives. After all, it’s not all about policy and brains. Sometimes it’s best just to get to know the person. We hope you agree!

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Matt Clayson and Melinda Anderson

Matt and Melinda with the Detroit Creative Corridor Team

Respect and Inspiration

I worked for Matt Clayson for 5 years and I can say that he was one of the best bosses that I have ever had. Yes, I said “worked for,” but really we could replace that with “worked with.” We were an amazing team. Some days felt like I was Batman and he was Robin, and other days felt like I was Robin and he was Batman. Throughout all of those days, he always treated the team with respect and inspired us to do our best.

Melinda Anderson

Melinda Anderson at the DC3 Headquarters in Detroit

Making a Difference in Detroit

Our mission of “Accelerating the Creative Economy” was so broad, daunting, and sometimes felt impossible. But I am glad to say that while working with Matt, I felt that our work did make a difference in the Creative Economy in Detroit. Not only has Matt make a difference in Detroit, I am 100% convinced that he WILL make a difference and affect change as I have seen him do so many times.

Honor and Integrity

Matt is one of the smartest and hardest working individuals that I know. He also possesses a great sense of honor and integrity. He is a good family man and has always worked to make Detroit a better place for all. I truly can say that you will not go wrong with giving Matt your support to become a MSU Trustee, and urge you to do so!

Melinda Anderson


About Melinda

Melinda is a creative leader in Detroit, having worked on major events in South Eastern Michigan including the Detroit Design Festival and Movement.

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