We have a duty to ensure MSU treats all communities with respect and dignity; a duty to ensure no voice, student, faculty, staff or survivor, is ever left behind. And I have a duty to ensure one day that my daughter will be safe and respected when she goes to college.  And that my son will be safe and respectful when he goes to college.

“It is time to renew our culture at MSU. Being a Spartan is more than winning on the field. It is about leading with courage, tackling problems head on; being accountable to ourselves and to our community. Together, through prioritizing survivor rights, campus safety, college affordability and accountable leadership, we can Restore Integrity and Pursue Excellence at MSU” – Matt Clayson

We need to immediately:

  1. Continue Title IX Office reform efforts; streamline reporting process and ensure direct accountability to President and Trustees
  2. Full compliance with Title IX as interpreted by the Obama administration and its “Dear Colleague” letter, ensuring prompt and equitable responses to reports of sexual violence; monthly reports to campus and alumni regarding compliance activities
  3. Clearly prohibit expelling and/or disciplining students, faculty or staff who report sexual assault
  4. Actively discipline those who persuade survivors to leave campus after a sexual assault

As MSU Trustee, Matt Clayson will work to:

  1. Launch MSU Police Department community advisory board consisting of students, faculty and staff appointed through Academic Governance system and independent of President or Board of Trustees
  2. Institute mandatory, in-person and on-going sexual assault awareness and bystander intervention training for all prospective students, admitted students, faculty and staff
  3. Launch 24-hour guarantee by MSU health clinics, MSU Police Department MSU Title IX office for investigations into sexual assault complaints
  4. Ensure Title IX Coordinators are embedded in all MSU Colleges and major departments, each reporting to the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Education and Compliance
  5. Launch Integrated Studies in Gender, Race and Equity course requirement for all students
  6. Ensure MSU is recognized as national leader in sexual assault awareness, prevention and response

As a student, Matt Clayson was elected to 2 consecutive terms as a representative to the MSU Board of Trustees. There, he worked with students, faculty and staff to prohibit undercover police surveillance of student and campus groups, ensured the student code of off-campus conduct (a/k/a the Riot Policy) was narrowly tailored so as not to cover protests and/or political rallies, worked with key student, faculty and staff constituencies to include gender identity in the MSU All University Anti-Discrimination Policy and lobby the board to approve permanent, university-wide recognition of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.