We have a duty to acknowledge our failures, listen to survivors, amplify their messages, support their policy agenda and compensate them for their pain and courage.

“It is time to renew our culture at MSU. Being a Spartan is more than winning on the field. It is about leading with courage, tackling problems head on; being accountable to ourselves and to our community. Together, through prioritizing survivor rights, campus safety, college affordability and accountable leadership, we can Restore Integrity and Pursue Excellence at MSU” – Matt Clayson

We need to immediately:

  1. Cease any activities and/or contracts involving social media monitoring of survivors and cease any lobbying activities that involve derailing overdue, survivor initiated sexual assault legislation
  2. Appropriate an additional $10,000,000 into the Healing Assistance Fund, open fund to all survivors of campus sexual assault
  3. Clearly disclose survivor confidentiality and privacy rights offered through Healing Assistance Fund, make all contracts with third party service providers public to engender trust and accountability
  4. Double number of professional counselors at MSU Counseling Center, streamline appointment setting process, guarantee anonymity and decrease wait times

As MSU Trustee, Matt Clayson will work to:

  1. Identify $500,000,000 + in compensation funds for survivors without raising taxes, raising tuition or cutting faculty and staff salary or benefits
  2. Launch 24-hour counseling center appointment guarantee for sexual assault survivors, staffed with professional counselors; ensure responsive, continuing support with 7-day follow-up appointment guarantee
  3. Establish scholarship fund for children of on campus sexual assault survivors

Matt Clayson is the chief legal officer of an Inc. 5000 company which has been consistently ranked as one of Michigan’s fastest growing companies. With more than a decade of experience in corporate compliance, Matt has maintained a portfolio that included dozens of Fortune 500 companies and many of Michigan’s most successful start-ups. He prides himself in having never step foot in a courtroom, preferring preventative approaches to ensure best-in-class compliance and working to settle conflicts amicably and respectfully.