For years, Michigan State University was led by board consisting of a coalition of labor, business and civic interests elected by popular vote.  And it was led pretty well by that coalition.

I know firsthand, as I served as a student liaison to the board from 2001 and 2003, and worked with fellow board members to:

  • See through the permanent University wide recognition of the MLK Jr. Holiday;
  • Initiate the process to have gender identity added to the MSU Anti-Discrimination Policy;
  • Strictly prohibit the undercover police monitoring of campus groups;
  • Ensure tuition remained affordable; and
  • Protect $100,000,000 / year in state provided student scholarship funding.

Starting 2006 or so, something changed.  Leadership started being less active.  Started focusing less on academic policy and more on athletics.  Championships trumped academic pursuits.  Brand trumped student safety… …and doing what is right.

Why I am running?

  • MSU Needs Active Board Leadership. We need Michigan State University Trustees who are willing and able to question and check executive power while advancing a set of policies that returns Michigan State University Trustee to a student first institution.
  • MSU Needs Real World Experience. I am the only candidate for Michigan State University Trustee with real world accomplishments and recognition in university governance, college administration and corporate compliance.
  • MSU Needs a Board that is Committed to Its Faculty and Staff. It is reprehensible that Michigan State’s administrators and coaches are amongst the highest paid in the nation while our teachers, faculty and staff are amongst the lowest paid in the Big 10.  I will be that board member who will prioritize students, faculty and staff.  I will make the hard decisions necessary to maintain that commitment, and will encourage others to follow my lead.

“What can I do to help?”

I you to join me on August 25th and August 26th in East Lansing for the Michigan Democratic Party Nominating Convention.  I need your enthusiasm, your support and your vote.  Want to get involved and help us during the convention?  Email the campaign:

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