I have a successful career, great family, good work life balance and amazing network of friends.  I sit on numerous boards who all do great work addressing issues concerning social justice, equity and economic opportunity.  I get invited to speak at various conferences and seminars on topics of privacy compliance, digital marketing and enterprise innovation.  I live a privileged life.  Then why run for what may be the toughest unpaid job in Michigan, MSU Trustee?

The opportunities that I was afforded that led to this privileged life are becoming increasing out of reach for many in Michigan.  And for others in Michigan, such a life was never in reach.  It is way off the radar.  This needs to change.

Michigan’s public universities are central components of preserving the middle-class lifestyle that Michiganders deserve and expect.  And they are at the forefront of advancing economic opportunity for communities who have been historically left behind.

Michigan State University has been a leader in providing many in Michigan with an affordable, world class education – providing hundreds of thousands of Michiganders with an onramp to the middle class.

And Michigan State University is in crisis.  Its leadership has demonstrated shocking indifference to serious allegations and convictions involving sexual assault, campus safety and accountability.  The institution’s mission has become increasingly removed from the everyday aspirations of Michigan’s families and workers.

I am running for MSU Trustee to return Michigan State University to this fundamental purpose of strengthening Michigan’s middle class.  And to ensure that MSU’s response to the current crisis does not come at the expense of fairly compensating survivors, MSU students, MSU’s faculty and staff or MSU’s commitment to providing Michiganders with meaningful onramps to the middle class.

My experience should not be the exception; rather, it needs to be the norm.  And a safe, healthy Michigan State University whose integrity is restored needs to be at the center of this strategy to grow Michigan’s middle class and ensure a healthy, prosperous and enjoyable life for all Michiganders.

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